Where Do You Watch TV?

It used to be easy to answer the question of where you watch TV. The living room set, with its rabbit ears, was the only option, or you might have an additional portable one in the kitchen. Now the possibilities are as varied as people’s lifestyles.

I remember the joy of discovering Hulu in the summer of 2008. Living in an area without TV reception meant that most of the shows I had watched up to that point had been on video or DVD. Even the one year of satellite TV my family had was largely overtaken by my siblings, though I didn’t mind, as I like to watch TV shows the way I read books – start at the beginning and read every chapter until the end. Hulu made that method easier with shows, and I could watch on my own timetable, on my own laptop.

High-speed internet and watching TV on computers go hand in hand, but set-top boxes and smart TVs have brought online TV watching back to the living room. You can visit Argos for a LG smart TV. I got one of the first generation of Roku set-top boxes so I could watch video from Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and others right on my TV without the hassle of hooking up my laptop to the TV, but a smart TV now has those same capabilities built right into the unit.

Living room TVs are great for watching TV with friends. Some of the more popular brands are Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, and Toshiba. Click here for a Toshiba TV. I still watch the majority of shows on my laptop, partly so as not to disturb my roommate, and partly because the reception is better in my room. Yes, I still use an antenna to watch broadcast channels, and I now have one with a USB connection that plugs right into my computer. In a pinch, it can also be used as a DVR.

And while TV sets keep growing in size, the small screen has also found a way to get even smaller, with mobile phones, iPods, and tablets. Obviously, tablets provide the best viewing experience, but even 3-4 inch screens can provide an enjoyable watch. If I have trouble getting to sleep, I’ll sometimes watch a recorded show, or one off of Netflix on my iPod Touch.

Where do you watch TV?

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One thought on “Where Do You Watch TV?”

  1. I usually watch TV in my livingroom during the day, but as an insomniac, I often watch through the night TV in my bedroom starting around 9 pm through 8 am.

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