Warehouse 13 Casting News — Lindsay Wagner, Jaime Murray – TVLine

Next Monday’s Warehouse 13 episode (8/27) will feature two returning characters – Dr. Vanessa Calder (Lindsay Wagner), Warehouse 13’s official doctor (who Artie’s sweet on), and one of the creepiest villains the show has produced, Lewis Carroll’s Alice.

Also, H.G. Wells (Jaime Murray) will return for this season’s 7th episode, due to air 9/3.

Warehouse 13 Casting News — Lindsay Wagner, Jaime Murray – TVLine.

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2 thoughts on “Warehouse 13 Casting News — Lindsay Wagner, Jaime Murray – TVLine”

  1. Why was Bones renewed for season 12??? I don’t understand that. I think that after season 7, the show kind of went out the window.

  2. Several other shows were cancelled when they were getting good. Like Warehouse 13, Angel, Ghost Whisperer, Castle, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. All consisting of 8 seasons or less. And Bones gets to have 12 seasons after getting incredibly boring after season 7. I stopped watching Bones in season 9 because I thought it was getting too repetitive. NCIS has done a hell of a lot better than them because they keep adding spin-offs to make it more interesting. And as far as I know NCIS, NCIS LA, and NCIS NO have been renewed. Grey’s Anatomy keeps adding new surprises. But I feel like every episode of Bones is getting more redundant every time I decide to watch it. At least some of the shows on TV know how to keep it fresh. Once Upon a Time adds new characters all the time and they go somewhere new and keeping the audience wondering. Bones, however, it keeps the same pace every time, someone finds a bag of bones, they identify the victim(s), and arrest the killer. every episode is the same thing. Even M*A*S*H kept everybody laughing with Hawkeye’s jokes, including me. Before Bones ends, I would like to see something different like, the victim coming back to life or something. I just want them to keep the audience in suspense and interested and not turning the channel to the evening news fifteen minutes into the new episodes.

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