Dallas Returns on TNT Wednesday, June 13

TNT is reviving the classic show Dallas with new episodes that extend the family rivalry, backstabbing, and secrets to a new generation. Every member of the family is hiding something from someone. Every member thinks they know what’s best for Southfork Ranch. And you can choose a member of the family to stand with and enter to win prizes by clicking the picture below:

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The image above shows the preview copy I received of tonight’s two-hour premiere (which begins on TNT at 9/8 central). I was selected to participate in TNT’s Dallas Roundup Network. I was not compensated for writing this post, but have received a screener of the first two episodes. Having never watched the original Dallas, I was a little confused at the beginning of how the family all fit together, but after I realized John Ross and Christopher were cousins, it began to make sense. Three actors reprise their roles from the original series – JR (Larry Hagman), Bobby (Patrick Duffy), and Sue Ellen (Linda Gray). If you also haven’t seen the original series, the catch-up clip below will help you out:

I thought the premiere episodes were excellent, though the constant friction as family members (and others) tried to outmaneuver each other was a little wearing. It’s definitely a serial show – you’ll want to watch every episode in order – but it’s not necessary to have watched the original Dallas to enjoy it. Out of all the shows I watch, I find it most similar to Ringer – almost a guy’s version of Ringer. Anyone could enjoy either show, but with Ringer the women have the biggest secrets and relationships are the focus, with business and wealth secondary concerns. In Dallas, the focus is on the guys – four strong male characters who want different things for the ranch and their lives. The four female characters have secrets and influence, but for the first episodes at least, the Ewing men steal the show.

I definitely will stick around for the next episode.

#spon: I’m required to disclose a relationship with Dallas. ┬áThis could include Dallas providing me with content, product, access or other forms of payment.

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