TV Show Personality Quizzes

For a different twist, and since this is a weekend post, I thought I’d try something fun. BuddyTV just followed me on Twitter, so I stopped by their site and tried out a few of their TV show personality quizzes. I thought I’d share the results here.

No surprise here, though I think I might be more of a Ted if this was more of an internal personality test with less lifestyle questions.

Yay – I love Hardison!

I got Jane the first time, but I think Maura’s a better fit.

I do see quite a few similarities in our childhoods.

Don’t think this is really me, but I love the show!

Hmm, I usually get Zoe on these.

But – she’s not coming back next season!

Not who I was expecting to get.

I’m so glad they didn’t cancel this show!

Hmm – think the description should be a bit more gender-neutral.

I had a sneaking suspicion that I’d end up with this result.

Yeah, this was a pretty easy guess too – but an awesome result!

This was a no-brainer too.

I’m definitely more of a season 1-3 Willow.

Just the character I would have picked.

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