TV Olympics: Favorite Elementary-Aged Character

Poll #4 in our Olympic event (have you been keeping up?) focuses on characters aged 6-12 and the talented child actors who play them. From this small list of nominees, you can see that elementary-school-aged characters have grown increasingly rare in the TV world, but there still are a handful of awesome ones out there (and if we’ve missed any that regularly appear on live-action, scripted shows, let us know!).

You can chose up to 3 characters, and this poll (like the others) will be open for one week. And yes, I am aware that some of these characters have moved past their elementary school years, but all spent a significant part of their show in that age range. Vote and spread the word!

Who is your favorite elementary-aged kid? (Choose up to 3!)

  • Henry - Once Upon a Time (27%, 74 Votes)
  • Young Shawn - Psych (21%, 58 Votes)
  • Young Gus - Psych (18%, 50 Votes)
  • Brick - The Middle (12%, 33 Votes)
  • Manny - Modern Family (11%, 31 Votes)
  • Kevin - Eureka (5%, 15 Votes)
  • Julie - Monk (3%, 9 Votes)
  • Benji - Monk (2%, 5 Votes)
  • Charlie - Bent (1%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 141

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3 thoughts on “TV Olympics: Favorite Elementary-Aged Character”

  1. Why are the kids of Parenthood missing from your child polls?

    Baby Nora should be in the infant category and Max, Savannah and Jabbar should be in this one….

    “From this small list of nominees, you can see that elementary-school-aged characters have grown increasingly rare in the TV world” – they’re not rare you just aren’t paying attention and listing them. Jake Bohm from Touch isn’t listed, Jack Hotchner from Criminal Minds, none of the kids from Boardwalk Empire, Weeds, The League, etc.

    1. I don’t watch Parenthood, so it’s hard to know what age the kids are (and actors’ ages widely differ from characters’) and how large a part they play in the show. I’ve been asking for nominations for these polls for 4 weeks now, and these were the characters nominated.

      1. It seems Max is older than his character, but Savannah Paige Rae who plays Sydney is 8 and Tyree Brown who plays Jabbar is 8. Nora is a baby. They are featured in every episode of the season minus maybe 1 or 2 episodes. So they do play a significant part in the show. Boardwalk Empire it’s the same thing, the kids ranging from 4/5-9 are in just about every single episode too.

        Okay, these may be the characters nominated by people who found out about these polls prior to today, but there really are a lot of kid characters on TV, it’s not a rare thing as quoted above 😉

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