March Madness: Psych vs. Castle

After weeks of voting, it is down to the final match! Whenever I mentioned the Psych versus Community matchup, people groaned about making the choice, and the buzz made it my most-viewed post ever within a week! 163 brave souls made a decision, and Psych won, 91 to 72. Castle’s victory over Warehouse 13 was easier, as the SyFy show only managed to garner 4 votes.

And now, lovable rogue Nathan Fillion, who really is ruggedly handsome (and who is celebrating his birthday by raising money for charity: water Рdonate now!), along with the beautiful Stana Katic and the rest of the cast of Castle, goes up against the kings of comedy and 80s pop culture, the unstoppable James Roday and the smooth Dul̩ Hill. Shawn and Gus. Castle and Beckett. Which team do you want on your side?

The last battle begins. Which show will emerge victorious? It’s up to you! Vote in the comments below! And be sure to spread the word so your show can win!

Also remember, every comment (one per person per post, but you can comment on any or all of the hundreds of posts on this site) will give you one entry toward the $15 Amazon gift card!

Update: go here to see which show won!

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631 thoughts on “March Madness: Psych vs. Castle”

  1. This is a no brainer. PSYCH all the way baby. Best show ever, and the funniest. You know that’s right 🙂

    1. Castle. The cast is more professional and talented.
      And the two leads work very well together – good chemistry.

  2. 2 of my favorite shows! Augh!
    I actually had to think about this one for a minute BUT when I miss an episode of Castle it may sit unviewed for weeks on my recorder; Psych, no more than a few days. Psych also improves upon repeated viewing, which is why I own Psych DVDs and not Castle.

    Which means I have to go with Psych FTW

  3. Castle!!!!!Best procedural on TV. The only show who really understand that when someone is killed the life of people around is shattered.

  4. it has to be Castle. No other show has the capacity to both make me laugh constantly, but to also be able to move me to tears. This show has it all; 3 Detectives, 1 writer and a mouthy M.E who I adore (Lanie ftw).

  5. Castle of course! What other show can make you cry, laugh, gasp, and die during every episode? Yeah….in MilMar we trust 🙂

  6. CASTLE.. ALWAYS!!!!

  7. Most definitly Castle!!!! OMG Team Caskett all the way! Castle FTW Always… 🙂

  8. Castle! Always better! Its witty and fun to watch, cant miss an episode! Love it too much! Stana & Nathan r better too! CASTLE! Bring on season 5!

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