CBS Says Thanks with a Good-eBag Full of Free Downloads

CBS says thank you to fans for making it the most-watched network with a bountiful e-gift bag – downloads of 9 classic and current episodes (including NCIS: Los Angeles, The Good Wife, and Blue Bloods), a preview How I Met Your Mother ebook, digital magazine subscription, and desktop screensaver.

It looks like CBS chose some great episodes to give away, with many season premieres to hook viewers (The Good Wife’s season 1 pilot was a great choice to get viewers to try a lower-rated show that builds on previous episodes). You can download/stream the shows from iTunes, Amazon, and Vudu, and get the HIMYM sampler(“written” by Barney, so it has colorful language and questionable ethics) from iTunes and Amazon. The digital magazine is 3 full years of the bimonthly Watch! but it looks like you have to since up for an account and download a reader to view the issues (also, be sure to uncheck the email offers boxes when you subscribe!).

The screensaver requires you to download an .exe file and install the screensaver, but the slideshow of images is pretty fun. My favorite is the NCIS: Los Angeles retro one (reminds me of the Castle retro one) pictured above. Unfortunately, it’s set only for full screen displays, not wide screen, and you can’t customize it in other ways (i.e. the shows you love will be mixed in with the ones you don’t). Also, it seems to expire at the end of the year.

Good eBag –

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