Alcatraz Cancelled — Fox Axes The Finder Too – TVLine

Not a bit surprised, given the ratings for both, but I was hoping against hope The Finder would make it. As it turned out, despite making it to #4 in this site’s poll for favorite new shows, it’s the first of my long-shot shows to fall.

And Fox rubbed salt in the wound by renewing Touch, a show whose previews put me to sleep. At least they’re letting House wrap up properly. And renewing Bones and New Girl.

(I will not think of Firefly and Dollhouse. I will not think of Firefly and Dollhouse.) Okay, I will, because Joss Whedon can rub the success of The Avengers into Fox’s face now.

Alcatraz Cancelled — Fox Axes The Finder Too – TVLine.

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2 thoughts on “Alcatraz Cancelled — Fox Axes The Finder Too – TVLine”

  1. fox shows cant stand them how on earth touch got renewed for another season heavenly only knows they are all absolutely crap boycott them all the time i just wont watch any of them after what they did to firefly and tscc so pleased joss whedon is doing well its a shame we cant get firefly back or another serenity film we need river back great stuff joss up yours fox

  2. Fox-I hate your guts. You take Arrested Development away, which turned out to be so popular and so mismanaged by you, that it’s coming back) and now The Finder-which totally rocked. Yet the Simpsons linger and the XFactor needs two time slots. You make me sick!

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