Terra Nova Cancelled — Fox

I never watched this show, so I’m kind of glad it got canceled, especially since it was so expensive to make. Here’s hoping they’ll put the money and time slot toward something better.

And of course every show Fox cancels improves the chances for the remaining bubble shows. A lot of Fringe fans are hoping it means good news for their show, but I’m rooting for The Finder.

Interesting that they mentioned shopping it around to other networks – that usually doesn’t come up when a show is canceled. Do major cable network shows tend to have a bigger budget than broadcast shows?

Terra Nova Cancelled — Fox.

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5 thoughts on “Terra Nova Cancelled — Fox”

  1. Actually I think a lot of shows get shopped around at, or near, cancelation. At least I think that is what happened with Scrubs, and I’m pretty sure they tried to get Arrested Developement to get picked up by another network. Also, I might have heard something similar happening with Torchwood.

    1. I’m sure some do, but I haven’t heard of it happening to any other canceled shows within the past year.

      Interesting fact I learned: JAG was an NBC show that they canceled after season one and CBS picked up. It led to a spinoff (NCIS!) and the spinoff’s spinoff (NCIS: Los Angeles). Imagine what NBC would be like if it was bringing in NCIS’s powerhouse numbers!

      1. It’s not because you don’t like Terra Nora it’s good it’s finish a lot of people love this show. I love this Tv-Show. But I find Frindge boring and before I judge I try.

        1. Lol you don’t judge Terra Nova just the expensive price I haven’t good read your post sorry. But for Frindge I think that. I’ve watch it several times. Sorry for my bad English. My first language is french.

  2. Huh, I didn’t know NCIS was a spinoff from another show. Interesting. And no you can’t start watching JAG before you watch Pushing Daisies.

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