Save The Finder!

Fox has cancelled one of my favorite shows of this past season, The Finder. While cancelled shows rarely get renewed because of fan effort, there’s a bit more hope that they get picked up by a cable network instead.

I think USA Network should pick up The Finder.

The Finder is a perfect match for USA – zany, original characters having hilarious adventures while solving very real problems in unorthodox ways. In fact, when my brother first told me about the show, he thought it was on USA Network.

USA Network has a feedback page, where you can offer suggestions for shows. Scroll down to the email form, fill in your info, select USA Network Programming (Shows, Movies, Specials) under topic, then select Other – Suggest a Program near the bottom of the programs drop-down box. Write a brief note in the message box suggesting that USA Network pick up The Finder and explaining why the show would be a great fit for them.

Then spread the word to get other fans of The Finder to do the same! If enough people suggest the show, they will be able to see the strong fan support The Finder has, and be more willing to consider picking it up!

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5 thoughts on “Save The Finder!”

  1. Their motto is “Characters welcome” and Walter certainly is a character! As are his sidekicks. The whole show has a lot of character.

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