News: Burn Notice Gets Season 7, NCIS: LA Launches Mobile Spinoff, Nikita Moves Back to 8PM Fridays

Personal note: Windows failed to load on my computer Monday, leading to frantic attempts to fix and use of super-slow old computers – and no new posts on this blog. I reinstalled Windows several hours ago, and have been working to get my computer back to normal (fortunately most stuff was backed up). In the meantime, TV news kept coming in! Here are some highlights:

Burn Notice has been renewed for a 13-episode season 7! This is notably shorter than its usual 16-18 episode seasons, but it has not been announced as the final season (there was some speculation that it would). The second half of season 6 resumes today at 9/8c with a special two-hour premiere.

NCIS: Los Angeles is preparing a special two-part episode to launch a potential spin-off  series. The potential series would focus on a mobile NCIS unit that travels around the country solving Navy-related crimes. This two-part-planted-pilot has become a mainstay in the franchise. NCIS: Los Angeles had one on the original NCIS, while NCIS itself was a spin-off of JAG. Expect the episode to give a good feel of what the potential show would look like, but there will likely be some tweaking (on NCIS: Los Angeles, Hetty replaced Macy when the show started the following fall; on NCIS, Kate Todd replaced Vivian Blackadder).

Nikita is moving back to its old 8PM timeslot on November 30 and will be followed by Arrow repeats. The show has struggled in its 9PM slot against increased scripted competition (Grimm, Fringe, and CSI:NY all also air at that time). This week will be its final 9PM outing, and then it will take two weeks off – for the two-hour season final of America’s Next Top Model, and for Thanksgiving weekend.

FX has released the first trailer for its Cold War spy drama, The Americans, starring Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys. Take a look:

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