New Fall TV Shows 2012 — Full List With Preview Photos – TVLine

The reason that I link to TVLine so often is because they are so awesome at what they do – for example, this planned-to-be-updated slideshow on the fall TV pickups. They do miss out on one thing, though – personal commentary. Which I’m happy to provide. I don’t treat shows with their evenhanded professionalism – I have my favorites, and I’m not afraid to talk about them more, bash (kindly) crappy shows, and outright ignore TV that I don’t think is worthy of attention.

While it’s hard to judge a potential show by a cast list, description, and possibly a cast photo (especially comedies), here’s my first thoughts on which shows I’ll be checking out next fall.

666 Park Avenue – ABC – possibly, want to check out the preview to see whether this leans toward horror or supernatural fun, more likely to watch if the latter.

1600 Penn – NBC – the fact that this is a comedy and stars Bill Pullman (who’s played a president before) makes me more likely to watch this.

Animal Practice – NBC – not feeling this comedy of about an antisocial vet. If the previews make me laugh and it’s a good timeslot, I might check it out, though.

Arrow – the CW – definitely will try out this one, superhero shows were notably missing on TV this past year.

Beauty and the Beast – the CW – the fact that Jay Ryan only sprouts his beast-like qualities when angry gives this a bit of a Grimm feel, and improves its less-than-impressive 80s pedigree.

Ben & Kate – Fox – could be fun, could be a disaster, waiting for previews to decide whether I’ll take it for a spin.

The Carrie Diaries – the CW – nope. Not gonna watch, no matter how much I like Annasophia Robb. The CW passed on The Selection for this?

Chicago Fire – NBC – how can a cast photo make me less interested in a show? Don’t know exactly, but this one does, and I wasn’t too hot about the show in the first place, despite enjoying Jesse Spencer on House. Thinking it may be this year’s Trauma.

Cult – the CW – high-concept show that has a description which bores me. A favorite actor might have reeled me in to try it, but I think the show-within-a-show aspect will eventually kill it.

Do No Harm – NBC – medical shows usually generate a pass for me, but the dark alter-ego thing might pull me in, if the previews wow me.

Elementary – CBS – I know this won’t live up to the awesomeness of BBC’s Sherlock, but since I enjoy most Holmes reimaginings I’ll give this a try.

The Family Tools – ABC – not really interested, but if the previews make me laugh, I might spare a half hour to give it a fair shot.

First Cut – the CW – pass. Medical meets high school drama sounds boring.

The Following – Fox – no serial killers for me, thank you.

Friend Me – CBS – checking this comedy out solely for Gupta (aka actor Parvesh Cheena)

Golden Boy – CBS – one guy’s journey from police officer to commissioner? Yawn.

The Goodwin Games – Fox – I like How I Met Your Mother, so if this show can make me laugh too, I’m in.

Go On – NBC – now this is a cast photo that works! I couldn’t have cared less about this show, but the tone set by the photo (above) makes me think it will be worth checking out.

Guys With Kids – NBC – sounds like a companion show for Up All Night, and since I don’t watch that . . .

Hannibal – NBC – did I mention no serial killers? Pity that Hugh Dancy will be in it, since I actually like his acting.

How To Live With Your Parents For the Rest of Your Life – ABC – could be fun, but shorten the title, please.

Infamous – NBC – intriguing undercover premise. I have a feeling I may pass on this out of sheer busyness, but I’ll let the previews make up my mind.

Last Resort – ABC – premise of a nuclear sub that refuses orders was enough to hook me, the additions of Dichen Lachman (Dollhouse) and Autumn Reeser (No Ordinary Family) to the cast made this a project I was rooting for.

Made in Jersey – CBS – not much info, but lawyer shows usually indicate a pass for me.

Malibu Country – ABC – if you knew my tastes in music, you’d understand why this is a huge NO.

The Mindy Project – Fox – curious to see what Kaling can do as not-Kelly, so despite the medical theme (boy, a lot of networks are trying to fill House’s place!), I’ll probably watch the pilot.

The Mob Doctor – Fox – I mean it, enough with the medical shows already! Ha, I have a feeling she’ll be digging a lot of bullets out of people.

Nashville – ABC – yes, country music is the genre I hate, so NO.

The Neighbors – ABC – a gated community of aliens? I have to see where they’re going to go with this.

The New Normal – NBC – pass.

Next Caller – NBC – another case of the cast photo working, plus Jeremy Tambor was great on Bent. This just moved from pass to checking out the pilot!

Partners – CBS – pass.

Red Widow – ABC – premise doesn’t pull me in enough.

Revolution – NBC – a few actors I’m familiar with and a decent premise make this a “see if the previews are any good” maybe for me.

Save Me – NBC – this just looks like a blend of creepy and blah. Huge pass.

Vegas – CBS – what is with networks and the 60s? Wanting the next Mad Men? Pass.

Zero Hour – ABC – need more info on what conspiracy they’re featuring, but this is leaning towards a pass.

New Fall TV Shows 2012 — Full List With Preview Photos – TVLine.

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