May Madness: Castle vs. Beauty and the Beast

We’ve reached the drama final match! Castle narrowly beat White Collar in one of our most-voted-on polls of the tournament, and Beauty and the Beast overtook Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the final few hours of the poll!

This poll will be open for 72 hours, and the winning drama will face the winning comedy for tournament champion!

May Madness - Drama Final

  • Castle (50%, 1,417 Votes)
  • Beauty and the Beast (50%, 1,399 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,806

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37 thoughts on “May Madness: Castle vs. Beauty and the Beast”

  1. Beauty and the beast est une série fantastique, je suis accro. La série est mélangé d’intrigues, de romance d’actions, d’humour aussi.

    J’adore Beauty and the Beast

  2. I love both shows. But, I’ve been voting for Castle polls for years now, so it’s time to vote for BatB this time around. Vincat are just sizzling right now and I’ got addicted to it. As for Castle, I don’t know about the rest of Castle fans, but the season finale, was kinda dissappointing, don’t know what the writers were thinking of on that one. WTF moment, the car crashing, what is that. Fans have waited for so long for this union. Loved Nathan for years now, Jay is smoking hot, He shouldn’t be allowed to wear a

  3. Congratulations Castle fans, wow, that was a close match. I voted BatB this round, but as I’m also a Castle fan, will be voting for it, next round

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