Community – Giveaway!


This month, I’m giving away a season of Community! Winner will receive his or her choice of either a season DVD set of the show (season one or two) or a $15 Amazon gift card! See rules below for how to enter by leaving comments, sharing on Facebook, linking on Twitter, and more!

Easy-peasy rules (more details and ways to win below, but if you want to enter and move on, this is what you need to know): Leave a comment, get an entry. Post link to this page on Facebook, get entries. Post link on Twitter, get entries. Simple as that.

And the winner of last month’s Bones giveaway was Emerson Graham! He chose a $15 Amazon gift card as his prize.

Community follows 7 unlikely study group partners (plus Senor Chang, their first year Spanish teacher, and the school’s dean) along their zany adventures at Greendale Community College. Whether they’re trying to survive a paintball war, filming an out-of-control documentary, or participating in outrageous class projects and school events, the show is never boring.

Fans of the show grew upset when NBC removed Community from its mid-season schedule. Though the network has insisted it will return, fans have responded with a renewed vigor to promote the show. It recently won TV Guide’s Fan Favorite contest, and people have been adding felt goatees from the dark timeline (based on this season’s episode “Remedial Chaos Theory”) to profile pictures.


In the spirit of unique promotion, and because characters on the show use Twitter regularly (tweets sent during the episode show up on real accounts while the episode is airing, most notably in the episode “Studies in Modern Movement”), this month I’m going to do a special Twitter promotion. If you can help me raise my Twitter followers to 750 (currently 569) by the end of December, I’ll give away BOTH seasons of Community to the winner! (Or a $25 gift card if they prefer.) My Twitter handle is @waterfallbooks. If we reach that goal early in the month, I’ll see about adding another prize tier!

Not only that, but you’ll get additional entries to the giveaway while you help me increase my followers. As usual, you get entries for tweeting about the contest (bumped up to 10 for the first time, 1 additional entry for every day after that). Please remember to email me (katie at tvbreakroom dot com) about it so I’ll know you tweeted! You’ll also get one entry every day you mention @waterfallbooks in a tweet. And yes, you can link to this contest and mention me in the same tweet, which will give you 11 entries the first time, and 2 every time after that. Retweeting one of my own tweets will also give you a point a day (done by clicking the Retweet button on Twitter, so that my profile pic comes up in your news feed – otherwise, it gets counted as a mention). Those three methods alone can give you around 100 entries during December!

But that’s not all! If you get someone to follow me, and they mention you sent them, you’ll get 10 entries! Each and every time! I’ll keep track of these as well as comments, and add them to your emailed promotional total.

One final way to enter via Twitter – change your profile picture or background to promote Community, and you’ll get 20 entries! You must keep it up for at least a week to count, and let me know about it.

You can find a list of all the Community-related Twitter accounts here. (Character accounts, actor accounts, and more!)


To enter this month’s giveaway (the typical way):

Leave a comment on any blog post on this website. Your comment should add to the discussion (at least several sentences is good), and be relevant to the post’s subject. For example, you can comment on this post about what you love about Community, what sort of giveaways you’d enjoy in the future, or debate the chances of the show being renewed. Any posts flagged as spam will not qualify (though I plan to scan through them to make sure all real comments get through). Every post you leave a comment on will count as one entry. If you leave relevant comments on 50 posts, you will get 50 entries.

Linking to this contest on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ will give you 10 extra entries the first time, and 1 extra entry per day after that.

If you have other ideas for promoting this giveaway, feel free to use them, and I’ll award entries accordingly. The more creative/effecting the promotion, the more entries, you’ll receive!

To receive your additional entries for promoting this contest, email me at katie at tvbreakroom dot com to let me know what promotion you did. Please email! It makes it so much easier to figure out what promotion was done.


The Rules:

Contest begins December 1, 2011 at 12:01AM EDT and ends December 31, 2011, at 11:59PM EDT. All entries received outside that time period are invalid.

Winner will be chosen at random (using from all eligible entries received.

Open to everyone 16 or older with a valid email and mailing address. A winner residing outside the US may have to pay an additional fee for shipping. (Feel free to select an e-gift card instead!)

Winner must provide a way to contact (email or website/facebook/twitter with some means of contact) and respond to winning notification within 3 days or prize may be awarded to someone else.

What counts as a relevant comment will be at my sole discretion. Comments should be made in English. You may leave as many comments per day as you wish, but only one comment per blog post will be counted as an entry for the contest.

These rules may change at my discretion.

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11 thoughts on “Community – Giveaway!”

  1. I was hoping you would do this show! I love Community’s fun and quirkiness and can watch many episodes in a row without tiring of them! So good.

  2. This is one of my favorite shows! I love Joel McHale and used to watch him on Almost Live here in WA when I was younger 🙂 So glad he’s a big star now, I also love watching him on The Soup too. I do admit when the show first started I didn’t have much hope for it being funny at all but it’s totally proven me wrong. I thought well this is a weird group of people and the basis of the show really didn’t interest me. I’m glad I gave it a shot. Chevy chase is awesome and I’m so glad he’s back on tv too!

  3. Abed will always be my favorite. Loved the alternative endings episode. So good. Love Joel McHale. We saw his stand up act in Atlantic City.

  4. This is my current favourite show! I am so happy to see this giveaway. I’m so sad it’s going on hiatus 🙁

    I loved this last episode and all the digs at Glee! Troy and Abed’s rap was the best 😀

  5. This show is like watching the asylum being run by the inmates.. I cannot quit laughing at it!!!! I started watching at the beginning of season 3 and was intrigued enough to watch all the episodes from the beginning. This is a show that “gets” it.

  6. I ran a 200+ tweet campaign, and annoyed my followers for weeks about the show being shelved. I am now going through the stages of grief. It has to come back! Far an away the best show on TV. It’s uplifting and loaded with humor gems!

    1. I’ve heard things about them filming other episodes, so I’m certain the show will be returning for the rest of the season at some point in 2012. I hope NBC is smart enough to not keep shooting themselves in the foot by making Community compete with The Big Bang Theory. And even if (hopefully not) NBC decides not to renew Community for 2012-2013, Dan Harmon seems open to going an independent, viewer-supported route for more episodes.

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