Avengers — ABC And Marvel Eye TV Series

An Avengers TV show? Yes, please. Even though it probably won’t feature characters from the movie, I still think they can find some way to make this work.

Awesome ways they could go with this:

1. Joss Whedon. Superheroes. That’s all you need really. Look what he did with Buffy. He could make even something like Ant-Man work.

2. Hawkeye and Widow. Yes, I know the actors who portray them are big-time movie stars and unlikely to cut back on that for a TV show, but this would be all kinds of amazing.

3. Shield. Agent Coulson always seemed to be on the scene when something was going down, and while Cobie Smulders is a little tied up as far as a future-set story, anything could work as long as you have Samuel L. Jackson.

4. Lady Sif and the Warriors Three. Not sure what they have planned for these 4 in Thor 2, but they really needed more screen time in Thor. Also, since they’ve already replaced Once Upon a Time’s Josh Dallas with needs-a-great-new-TV-show Zachary Levi, this is plausible in terms of actor availability.

5. The Hulk. Mark Ruffalo didn’t get his own movie, but the incredible job he did on The Avengers deserves future exploration.

Also, I think it’s great that ABC is the one looking at this, considering the awesome job they’ve done with shows like Castle, Once Upon a Time, and Suburgatory.

Avengers — ABC And Marvel Eye TV Series.

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