ABC Marvel ‘SHIELD’ Pilot — Joss Whedon To Co-Write, May Direct

More awesome news about the Avengers-related TV show! ABC has ordered the pilot for S.H.I.E.L.D., which will be co-written by Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon, and Maurissa Tancharoen. (Which of course will make it pretty amazing!) Schedule permitting, Joss will also direct the pilot.

Since bringing his brother and sister-in-law already makes this a family project, what actors from Whedonverse family would you like to see cast in the show? And before you can say “all of them” or “everyone from Firefly,” let’s try to narrow things down by only casting actors who aren’t already a regular on another show (like Nathan Fillion) or have a busy movie career (aka most of the main actors in The Avengers – I can see some of them guest-starring, but not playing major cast).

This means that TWO of my thoughts for what would make a great Avengers TV show have been implemented, Joss Whedon and S.H.I.E.L.D!

ABC Marvel ‘SHIELD’ Pilot — Joss Whedon To Co-Write, May Direct.

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5 thoughts on “ABC Marvel ‘SHIELD’ Pilot — Joss Whedon To Co-Write, May Direct”

  1. I think Christian Kane would be perfect for another Joss Whedon TV show if “Leverage” is not picked up for Season 6. Christian is currently doing the Taste of Music web-based cooking show and is appearing at a few Cons in the UK but the future of “Leverage” is still in the balance though the Fans/Grifters/Kaniacs are fighting hard to get another season. Christian had appeared in past roles such as Lindsey on the Tv series “Angel” and other Tv roles in “Fame LA” and “Las Vegas”. Bottom line – WE JUST WANT TO SEE CHRISTIAN KANE ON OUR TVs ALL THE TIME!

  2. My choices would be Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau, James Marsters (with a British accent, pretty please?), Alexis Denisof, Amber Benson, Fran Kranz, and Juliet Landau.

  3. joss whedon must have some thoughts in his masterfull mind of who he is gonna introduce in this series for abc he must surely go back to his firefly roots most popular would have to be the talented and beautiful summer glau i think he has a lot of respect for her as an actress she is awesome and maybe who knows a couple of the others damn it just fetch firefly back joss you know you want to we can dream anyway

  4. I would love to see JAMES MARSTERS! He is not a regular on another show, actually wasn’t a regular cast on another show after Buffy and Angel ended. I’m so tired to watch him only in unimportant guest star roles. He is a brilliant actor and he needs his own show! And it would be great to see James Marsters working with Joss Whedon again! I also would love to see Amy Acker, Summer Glau, Christian Kane and Alexis Denisof.

  5. Joss Whedon and James Marsters created one of the greatest vampire characters in TV and film – I would love to see James Marsters working with Joss Whedon again.

    Another former Buffy actor who does not get enough recognition for his work on a Joss Whedon show is Adam Busch – would love to see him on this series.

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