TV Duos Bracket – Round Three, Day 28

Next in round three of our TV duos bracket, Nate and Sophie of Leverage, who defeated Pete and Myka last round, go up against another Warehouse 13 duo, Claudia and Jinks! Will the hacker and former ATF agent succeed where the former Secret Service agents did not, and beat the grifter and the mastermind?

Our first matchup from round three (Buffy and Spike vs. Kirk and Spock) just finished – be sure to check out the results and all our current matchups here! The winning duos will advance to the next round. (P.S. Be sure to stop by our new show poll as well!)

You can find a full list of upcoming TV duos matchups here (edited to show most of our round two eliminations!). Round three matchups are in green. Each of the round three matchups will be open for 72 hours (3 days), so spread the word quickly so your favorite pairs will make it into the next round! Fans have used Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, forums, Reddit, blogs, and chatboxes to get the word out about past polls. Our toolbar at the bottom of the page has lots of quick links to help you share this post, or you can mouse over the image above!

Which is your favorite TV duo? Round 3.4

  • Claudia and Jinks - Warehouse 13 (51%, 233 Votes)
  • Nate and Sophie - Leverage (49%, 222 Votes)

Total Voters: 454

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3 thoughts on “TV Duos Bracket – Round Three, Day 28”

  1. No doubt it’s Nate and Sophie! Leverage, best show on Television! 🙂 Patiently awaiting November and the announcement of Season 6.

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