TV Duos Bracket – Round Four, Day 34

In our second quarterfinals match, we have two duos who won against very tough competitors in their previous matches to make it into this round. Peter and Neal of White Collar (who’ve defeated Gibbs & Abby of NCIS, Angela & Hodgins of Bones, and Castle & Beckett in previous rounds) face Merlin and Arthur (who’ve previously defeated Nikita & Michael, Andy & Barney of The Andy Griffith Show, and Supernatural’s Dean & Sam – the latter by only 30 votes out 3000 cast!). Which duo gets your vote this round?

Our next-to-last matchup from round three (House & Wilson vs. Lucy & Ethel) just finished – be sure to check out the results and all our current matchups here! The winning duos will advance to the next round. (P.S. Be sure to stop by our new show poll as well!)

You can find a full list of upcoming TV duos matchups here (edited to show most of our round three eliminations!). Round four matchups are in purple. Each of the round four matchups will be open for 72 hours (3 days), so spread the word quickly so your favorite pair will make it into the next round! Fans have used Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, forums, Reddit, blogs, and chatboxes to get the word out about past polls. Our toolbar at the bottom of the page has lots of quick links to help you share this post, or you can mouse over the image above!

Which is your favorite TV duo? Round 4.2

  • Merlin and Arthur - Merlin (55%, 1,012 Votes)
  • Peter and Neal - White Collar (45%, 827 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,830

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11 thoughts on “TV Duos Bracket – Round Four, Day 34”

  1. My #1 favorite show in the world in White Collar! I hope they win! Collars unite! WHITE COLLAR FOREVER!!! 😀

  2. White Collar all the way! This is the first show that I’ve seen, where I just couldn’t walk away from. There is no other show that has the witty, sexy, suspenseful, thrilling, original, unique and intelligent show out there like this one. The relationships of these characters have with one another is amazing, there isn’t many characters on tv that have this father/son, Older brother/younger brother, and even an old married couple feel to it. I just love it, and I can’t wait for the next season, the show is just so original! 😀

  3. I would vote for Castle and Beckett, but since they’ve already been defeated I’m going to go with White Collar’s Peter and Neal. My girl friend from my office at DISH is voting for Merlin and Arthur, but we both agree that Castle and Beckett, as well as Dean and Sam, should have been the ones to get to this point. Supernatural and Castle are my two favorite shows, and I have them both recorded on my Hopper. I love having enough memory to save entire seasons of them, as well as watching them every week. White Collar, on the other hand, I only tune in to occasionally. It’s still a great show though, and Peter and Neal are definitely a great, unconventional duo.

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