The Office Season 9 Cast — Catherine Tate – TVLine

Does anyone else hate the news that Catherine Tate has been promoted to a series regular on The Office? Nellie Bertram’s character has all of the worst characteristics of Michael Scott, and none of the lovable ones. This may be the final straw to get me to stop watching The Office altogether (and I never do that after I’ve invested more than a season or two into watching a show). Except for maybe two brief glimpses of humanness, the character of Nellie has been nothing but abrasive and annoying. At least I have Person of Interest and Beauty and the Beast to keep me occupied Thursdays at 9.

The Office Season 9 Cast — Catherine Tate – TVLine.

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5 thoughts on “The Office Season 9 Cast — Catherine Tate – TVLine”

  1. I will never watch The Office ever again because of this. Catherine Tate ruined the office.

  2. I hate the way she looks. I hate the way she talks, and I hate the way she acts. My desire to watch next season has been reduced to nothing.

  3. They did actually improve her character in season 9 (and then ruined Andy’s character for a while), so I didn’t mind her as much. Eventually she got moved to more of a background character. But I far prefer her as Donna Noble!

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