SyFy Announces Scripted ‘Defiance’, ‘Adjustment Bureau’, ‘Grave Sight’ | TVbytheNumbers

Defiance sounds like it will be awesome! The cast includes Warehouse 13’s Jaime Murray and Angel’s Julie Benz.

SyFy’s pilot/script orders include Rewind, where scientists and military operatives travel back in time to change the future; The Adjustment Bureau, which is based on the movie; High Moon, which covers moon mining and a new life form discovery; Bolster Gold Project, where an athlete from the future travels to the present to become the world’s greatest superhero, just for the money and fame; Grave Site, where teenage Harper is struck by lightning and gains the ability to sense the location and last memories of the dead; Seeing Things, where a dead cop returns as a ghost to solve his last case; Defender, which is set during an intergalactic war between humans and transhumans; and The Family, which has an alien clan hiding in plain sight by posing as humans for generations.

SyFy Announces Six New Reality Series, + Scripted ‘Defiance’, ‘Adjustment Bureau’, ‘Grave Sight’, ‘Eyes of the Dragon’, ‘Darkfall’, & ‘One Mile Straight Down’ & More – Ratings | TVbytheNumbers.

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