Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Casts Amy Acker

Another Whedonverse alum is joining Agents of SHIELD (the more, the merrier!) – Amy Acker! She will be appearing on at least one episode this spring as the cellist Coulson was dating before the events of The Avengers. Are you excited by this casting choice? Do you think Fred will share any scenes with Gunn? What other Whedonverse actors would you love to see on the show?

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8 thoughts on “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Casts Amy Acker”

  1. I’d also love to see Christian Kane on the show. Another ‘alum’ of Angel. He played the ‘sexy’ and ‘dangerous’ Lindsey MacDonald. And you know,if you’re looking for any background, scene music, Christian’s also a musician and ‘what a voice’! 🙂 You might want to check out his ‘Welcome To My House’ album and his website at

  2. Would love to see Christian Kane on Agents of SHIELD. His portrayal of hitter Eliot Spencer on Leverage should be enough to have him join the badassery that is this show…

  3. Christian Kane, who played lawyer Lindsay McDonald, could play either the villain or the hero in this. He has played both roles to perfection in his many acting roles.

  4. Christian Kane of ‘Angel’ and ‘Leverage’ fame would make a great addition and he is a real live hero.

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