Supernatural – Hook Man

So, it’s been almost exactly a year since I last watched an episode of Supernatural. I gave the show six episodes in the summer of 2011, and it failed to impress me. But since many of this site’s visitors love the show, and I’ve caught several cool moments (and unfortunately far too many spoilers) while doing research for polls, I decided to give it another shot. Especially since it’s now on Netflix.

Sadly, “Hook Man” was a rather terrible episode to try and get me into the show. Basic premise: an angry spirit with a hook for a hand goes around killing people, and Dean and Sam have to risk their lives to stop him (yes, quite similar to other episodes). Far too much of the episode was taken up with “scary atmosphere,” there was only one major twist I could see coming a mile away, and please tell me getting picked up/questioned by law enforcement doesn’t become an every-other-episode part of this show. I didn’t recognize any of the guest stars, though apparently the minister (Dan Butler) is from Frasier.

Dean and Sam were a little less awkward together in the episode, but still have a long way to go. With Supernatural hinging so greatly on their relationship (as the show’s one constant), it has to sizzle. A few of the later clips I’ve seen indicate that it eventually does (one of the reasons why I tried another episode), but I don’t know how much I’m willing to watch to get to better episodes.

It probably doesn’t help that I’ve seen so many other speculative shows that early episodes of Supernatural pale in comparison. Buffy, Angel, and Grimm all started with a similar “baddie of the week” setup, yet their main characters are far more engaging, there are more plot twists, and fun dialogue makes you laugh.

I did like how this episode showed Sam (yes, I still want to call him Dean – thanks, Gilmore Girls!) connecting with someone and showing how Jess’s death is still affecting him. But it’s still painted too broadly – this show could use more nuance. I wonder if that’s why it’s so popular internationally – less subtlety prevents things from getting lost in translation.

Another part I enjoyed was Dean and Sam falling on each other after climbing in a window, as well as Dean’s remarks about Sam’s college life (and his choice of caffeinated beverage).

But I still don’t get why thousands of teen girls and young women are so into these guys. Give me Spike, Monroe, or Wesley any day (or Giles, Xander, Oz, Angel, Nick, Captain Renard, Doyle . . . yeah, the Winchester boys would be pretty far down on the list – and that’s only looking at 3 other shows at the moment).

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5 thoughts on “Supernatural – Hook Man”

  1. I found your sigt because of Supernatural. I love reading reviews of the show too. But it’s not realistic for you to try and review 7 seasons. Maybe pick a couple episodes to review from each season as you catch up. Sorry the show hasn’t gotten to you the way it has to me and many others. It’s my favorite show and Ackles is my favorite actor. He has the most exprssive eyes and face of anyone I’ve ever seen. Sam and Dean and their story have captured my imagination and heart more than any other TV characters. Cas and his friendship with the brothers is entertaining. The only show that even comes close for me is BSG. Maybe you should skip some of season one. But try Home, Asylum, Scarecrow, Faith, the Benders, Something Wicked, Shadow, Hellhouse, Provenance and Devil’s Trap. You may find it easier to get into the later seasons.

    My impression of the audience for SPN is that it’s probably split pretty evenly between male and female. I’ve seen that the average viewer age is in their 30’s. My experience is that SPN appeals to all ages. My 68 YO mother loves SPN. I’m in my 40’s, my husband in his 50’s. Last summer my 19 YO nephew loved it and watched the entire first season during his week long visit.

    Everyone’s tastes are different so maybe you’ll never see what I see.

  2. Hi, I have found your site due to other Supernatural fans. Just wanted to commment on your Hook Man recap. I am a 43 year old wife and mother, my husband and two boys, 19 and 21 have been turned into fans, I have also had several friends and family turned as well. Of course season 1 was just beginning, really if you want to get into it you have to watch ep1 straight through, not one show here and there. I believe that the show has character development(if you saw season 1 to season 6 you would see it)it has stories that most of us grew up with, urban legends, and a real bonding between family, and a sense of security for mankind. Yes it is a tv show,however, these “boys” have a bond that even I don’t have for my sisters. I love them, but I would not die for them. Today we all have our own life to worry about, we go day to day, ignoring people, and thinking about getting ahead. I think this show gives us(in my family) a sense of family that we have not seen in “real people”. And of course the “boys” are extremely sexy! That doesn’t hurt! Yes I am a Sam girl and I am proud of it!!!!

  3. Hey, Katie:

    Clearly, I am a huge fan of Supernatural since I’ve reviewed all seven seasons, and I’m the first to admit that season one is not the best. The first two really good episodes, in my opinion, are “Scarecrow” and “Faith”. I also thought that season two was terrific. “In My Time of Dying” started setting up a lot of mythology that makes this show so good. It’s gotten eight seasons for a reason.

    But if you don’t like the Winchesters at all at this point, you may not ever like Supernatural. I wasn’t crazy about Sam at this point in season one, but I already liked Dean a lot.

    For what it’s worth.

  4. Thanks for the comments! I do tend to watch shows in order, starting with the first episode (I can probably count on one hand the shows I haven’t done this with, and most of them are older shows that didn’t have much of an overarching story anyway). Reviewing every episode is a big undertaking, I know, but I really wanted to have some content for all the Supernatural fans who drop by this site. I’m just disappointed that the show hasn’t (yet) lived up to the hype, and wondering how long I can wade through sub-par episodes.

    Most shows hook me in the very first episode. Buffy didn’t, however (and it’s now one of my favorite shows), so I usually give shows a little more leeway now. But it at least had the advantage of a shorter first season, and I was a huge fan of Alyson Hannigan and Anthony Stewart Head the second time I dived in. (With Supernatural actors, I only know Jared Padalecki from Gilmore Girls, and I was far more a Jess than a Dean girl.) Maybe I had too high of expectations, wanting Supernatural to be the next Buffy (much like Nikita mostly filled the void left by Dollhouse).

    It sounds like I have some good episodes coming up, once I get past “Bugs.” So I’ll give Supernatural a few more chances and then decide whether to give it up completely.

  5. I’m 63 years old and I love Supernatural. The boys are gorgeous and funny. There will never be another Buffy or Angel but there must be a lot of us who like Supernatural since it has been on for so long. We can’t all agree on every show. THat is why there are different shows.

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