Submit Your Favorite Screenshots for TV Breakroom’s Twitter!

It’s been a while since I updated my Twitter backgrounds, and this time, I’d like your help! Submit your favorite screenshots from TV episodes in the comments, and I’ll choose 12 for my background collage! (If there are tons of excellent ones, I may use different ones for my @waterfallbooks and @TVBreakroom accounts, which would mean 24 total!)

Some quick ground rules:

  • Images must be G-rated. I’m looking for funny and dramatic screenshots, not sensual or graphic ones. Inappropriate photos will cause the comment’s deletion and multiple offenses will cause you to be restricted from commenting.
  • Cast photos are allowed, but I’d prefer stills from actual episodes.
  • Animated gifs won’t work for the background, so they are excluded.
  • Don’t reveal key spoilers for newer shows in your photo.
  • You can submit one photo a day until I close the comments of this post.

How do you leave a photo in a comment? Use this code: [img src=”” width=400] Replace the brackets: [ ] with this kind: < > and << this isn’t working for some reason, so just paste the image’s location (url, will look something like: between the two quotation marks in the comment and I’ll edit the code. If you can’t figure it out, feel free to email me the image, but you’ll miss out on one cool part of this event:

Commenting on each other’s photos! Photos which get a lot of comments are more likely to make it onto the Twitter background. Only comment on the photos you like, as your comment is essentially you voting for that photo. To leave a proper reply, hit the little gray reply box beneath the photo, and after the page loads, leaving a comment in the normal comment box will post as a threaded reply to the original photo comment.

If you’d like to include your Twitter username with your photo in your comment, I’ll publicly thank you on Twitter if your selected image makes it into the background!

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7 thoughts on “Submit Your Favorite Screenshots for TV Breakroom’s Twitter!”

  1. Anything with Peter and Neal from White Collar, but I’m especially fond of the “badge” shot from Season 1:

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