Twitter Background Contest

Since I’m not doing a giveaway this month, I thought it would be fun to do a quick little contest instead. I recently updated my Twitter background, but it wasn’t quite what I wanted. So I thought I’d have you help choose the 12 pictures I use in my tiled background!

How? Simple! Leave a comment on any post, then email me (katie at your favorite TV pic! The first 12 people to do so will have their pics used as my Twitter background for at least the rest of the month!

There will be a few restrictions as to the sort of pics I’ll put up – it must relate to a live-action, scripted TV show, preferably one mentioned on this blog before (see “Popular Topics” and “Other Topics” in the right sidebar for more than 100 shows I’ve mentioned so far!). The image must be G-rated, and at least 150 pixels wide and 110 pixels high. Try to send a photo in landscape mode (i.e. TV screenshot, not movie poster). I reserve the right to veto any picture, but will allow you to send another.

Oh, and congratulations to Emerson Graham, who won the Community giveaway!

Having trouble deciding on a pic? Email me to save your spot, and send the pic later! And have fun with it – maybe there’s a scene on a show that always makes you laugh, or a cast picture you have as your computer’s wallpaper, or a favorite character people sometimes overlook? Send me that pic!

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