Psych – Humor and Hijinks

Psych is one of the few shows I began watching during my pre-internet-video days. My siblings found the first season at Target and I’ve been a fan ever since.

The show is chock full of funny moments that range from witty to physical comedy. Gus admirably plays the straight man to Shawn’s outlandish hijinks, and their friendship feels real, which only heightens the hilarity.

I must admit, most of the 80s references go over my head. Though I’m a child of the 80s, I left the decade behind before turning 7, and a sheltered homeschool life hampered my pop culture knowledge further.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen an episode, but that’s simply because of the long wait between seasons (I hope to write about the show more in-depth once it comes back on). Season 6 doesn’t even begin until October, but I recently read a fun article about what viewers can expect.

A Clue episode. I took a while to warm-up to the movie, but I think I’ll love Psych’s version of it, especially if they do bring back Tim Curry (my absolute favorite actor that plays I’m-evil-just-because-it’s-fun villains).

A vampire episode. I really hope they do amazing stuff with this episode. They mentioned a bit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer homage, but since they’re bringing in Kristy Swanson, it’s to the movie, not the incredibly superior show. I hope they can at least bring in one or two characters from the show (James Marsters? Pretty please?), and I’m curious which iconic vampires Shawn and Gus will be dressing up as. (Please, no Twilight. Unless you really make fun of it.)

And there’s an Indiana Jones episode. A musical episode. A baseball episode. A looney bin episode. A superhero episode. A cult episode (with Diedrich Bader – will be fun seeing him again since Outsourced isn’t coming back). A new Despereaux episode.

I can’t wait for October!

I was really at a loss for what category to put this show under. I ended up with crime drama, with all the murder and much of the show being set at a police station, but it could have just as easily fit under comedy. What do you think? If enough people think it should be under comedy, I’ll move it!

Bonus: links to two new Psych promos and a music video!

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7 thoughts on “Psych – Humor and Hijinks”

  1. I have to say this is probably my all-time favorite show. My family and I quote movies and TV shows ALL the time and Psych is the most quoted. I especially love the “Gus don’t be a…” lines and the names Shawn makes up for Gus. “I’ve heard it both ways” is also a classic line. I absolutely can’t wait until October!

  2. Psych= awesomeness. My best friend and I are crazy about this show, since we can totally relate to Shawn and Gus’ friendship (and goofy antics).

    My birthday comes a couple days before the season premiere and I’d be totally fine with watching a psych marathon all day to prepare for the new season as a birthday present 🙂

    Omg. an Indiana Jones episode. A musical episode. A superhero episode. A new Despereaux episode. OMG I can’t wait!

  3. Do ya’ll have a fav episode? I think “American Duos” is the silliest.. when Shawn and Gus start singing.. it just kills me!! love love how they make fun of american idol 😉

  4. Do you mind sharing your top five please? I’m going on a long trip soon, and I wanna download a few on my iPad 🙂 I haven’t seen every episode of the season 1 and 2.

  5. Some of my favorite early episodes are:

    S1E5 – 9 Lives
    S1E8 – Shawn vs. the Red Phantom
    S2E2 – 65 Million Years Off
    S2E9 – Bounty Hunters!
    S2E12 – The Old and the Restless

    Have a fun trip!

  6. thanks a bunch! I downloaded Bounty Hunter and The Old and the Restless. Those two, plus a few of my favorite Castle episodes, made the road trip fly by so quickly!

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