News: More Elementary, Less Vegas, and a Big Bang Theory Flash Mob!

CBS has ordered two more episodes of the fun British-detective-in-NYC drama Elementary (one of which is for the recently-given prime post-Super-Bowl slot), while reducing fellow new series Vegas by one episode (bringing their totals to 24 and 21, respectively).

NBC has given an additional 4-episode order to Guys With Kids, bringing the show to 17 episodes.

Also, check out this fun flash mob on the set of The Big Bang Theory!

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One thought on “News: More Elementary, Less Vegas, and a Big Bang Theory Flash Mob!”

  1. Additional episodes of Elementary sounds great to me—even if Vegas suffers a little. As for The Big Bang Theory and its awesomeness, I’ll always be a fan. It’s nice to have so many good shows on the big 4 networks’ primetime, because my DISH Hopper auto-records it all with the PrimeTime Anytime feature. I don’t have to worry about missing any of these shows, just because I became lazy and forgot to set timers. Cheers to Guys with Kids, too. I know me and most of my DISH coworkers are pulling for them to avoid the chopping block.

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