Netflix less about flicks, more about TV –

Interesting look at how Netflix’s model has switched from almost exclusively movies to more than 60% of videos streamed being TV shows. I especially loved the insight on how serialized shows (ones that focus on an overarching story and are best watched in order) are doing well with Netflix, as new viewers can start from the beginning and watch every episode in order. And the service makes TV marathons easy: I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Bones, and Veronica Mars (latter unfortunately not still available via streaming) in rapid succession thanks to Netflix, plus I’m using the service to get my friend hooked on How I Met Your Mother.

I’m also excited about Netflix’s leap into original programming. So far they’ve bought US rights to foreign shows (like Lilyhammer), funded new shows, and ordered new episodes of cult favorites (Arrested Development). This article hints that there are more on the way! What show would you like Netflix to bring back?

Netflix less about flicks, more about TV –

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