March Madness: Suburgatory vs. Burn Notice

Freshman comedy Suburgatory beat on-its-final-lap House, and the sunny skies of Miami’s Burn Notice won over dreary Scranton’s Office (and even some of their employees are currently sojourning in Florida!).

Suburgatory – Single dad George Altman moves his 15-year-old daughter Tessa out of New York City and into the suburbs, where she’s horrified by plastic moms, superficial peers, and nosy neighbors.

Burn Notice – After he’s set up and fired from the CIA, a special ops agent puts his training to use by doing a variety of dangerous and undercover jobs for people as he tries to figure out who betrayed him.

Spies or suburbanites? Vote in the comments below!

Update: A comment on the main March Madness post broke the tie below, and Burn Notice has gone onto round three!

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