TV Duos Bracket – Semifinals, Day 38

Our second semifinals match pits Brenda and Fritz from The Closer against Troy and Abed from Community. Which duo do you want to see in the final match?

All our quarterfinal matches have come to an end – be sure to check out all our matchups here. The winning duos have advanced to the semifinals! (P.S. Be sure to stop by our new show poll as well!)

You can find a full list of previous TV duos matchups and most eliminations here. Semifinal matchups are in beige. Each of the semifinal matchups will be open for 72 hours (3 days), so spread the word quickly so your favorite pair will make it into the next round! Fans have used Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, forums, Reddit, blogs, and chatboxes to get the word out about past polls. Our toolbar at the bottom of the page has lots of quick links to help you share this post, or you can mouse over the image above!

Our first semifinals match is still ongoing – vote here! Our final match (which will pit the winner of this poll against the winner of that one) will launch shortly after midnight on Monday, October 8.

Which is your favorite TV duo? Round 5.2

  • Troy and Abed - Community (89%, 2,174 Votes)
  • Brenda and Fritz - The Closer (12%, 285 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,455

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6 thoughts on “TV Duos Bracket – Semifinals, Day 38”

  1. Congratulations Ms. Hart (website owner) for having picked your winners in most of the rounds in advance. No reputable website ever influences the voting like you do. This match would only be fair if actors from both shows would tweet about this poll, yet you only promoted one show, the one you prefer. The other one doesn’t stand a chance when an actor with thousands of followers like Joel McHale from Community retweets you.

    I’ll never visit this website again, all these polls on your site are a total sham because you pick the winners you want.

    1. To answer some of your uncalled-for accusations: I’ve promoted every duo in this competition. Whenever I launch a bracket, I link to both shows on Facebook. With Twitter it’s harder, since I don’t watch all of the shows and therefore don’t follow the official show and actor Twitter accounts.

      Since this site is still fairly new, I can’t just post a poll and have people flock to it. I have to promote it, at least until fans of certain shows start to realize I do these polls and promote the polls themselves (so far, less than 5 shows do that). So I tend to focus my limited time reaching fan bases who haven’t yet discovered the poll.

      I can’t force actors to retweet my links to the poll. My account’s not even that popular on Twitter, and in the rare case that an actor retweets my link, it makes my day. I did link to the official twitter for The Closer (as well as some of the actors, I believe) early in the bracket, and they ignored me. Once I realized The Closer already had a fan base that knew about this bracket, I figured they would promote Brenda and Fritz far better than I ever could (and since it reached the semifinals, I obviously was right). I continued tagging The Closer on both Facebook and Tumblr. (The Tumblr post with both tagged was seen by a Community fan Tumblr and the link was shared – judging by the views that came from that link, it would have been enough to tip the balance without the McHale retweet.)

      I’m curious though, if diehard fans of The Closer weren’t even willing to promote the poll on Twitter, why would they expect someone who doesn’t watch the show to (especially after she already did so on Facebook and Tumblr)? Why didn’t YOU try to get The Closer’s actors to retweet?

      And I’ve constantly been surprised by the results of this bracket. Based on previous polls, I expected Kensi and Deeks would do really well – they lost their very first match. Other very popular duos, like Castle and Beckett, Booth and Brennan, and Tony and Ziva, lost far sooner than I expected. If I would have had my choices for the final match, it would likely have been Spike and Buffy vs. Shawn and Gus – so you can see your accusations are groundless. Please don’t be a poor loser.

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