TV Show Olympics: Nominations

In late July, TV Breakroom is going to go mini-poll-crazy for the Olympics! Each daily mini-poll will be considered an event, and gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded at the end of each. TV shows will be treated like countries, and will gather medals from more show-based polls (team) as well as character/episode polls (individual). Not every show will be eligible to enter every poll (event), but this is typical of the Olympics as well.

Here are some ideas I had for mini-poll events, and now I need your nominations! Feel free to nominate your own ideas for mini-polls as well, but remember, keep it small and specific! If I get too many nominations for an event, I’ll postpone it for a regular Monday Madness poll. If I get too few, however, it will be dropped as an event.

Make sure you mention what event you’re nominating for in the comments! If you’re nominating for a bunch of events, it will probably best to copy/paste the list of events into your comment, and add your nominations from there.

Cutest couple name (Tiva, Shamy, etc.)

Best married couple

Best couple with a baby

Best couple who hasn’t kissed (yet!)

Favorite guy/girl friendship (non-romantic)

Favorite newborn to 5-year-old

Favorite elementary-school-aged kid

Favorite musical episode (excludes all-musical shows like Glee and Smash)

Favorite animated/alternate media episode (excludes all-animated shows)

Favorite bottle episode (primary cast restricted to one area)

Best crossover episode (a character or characters from one show visit another)

Favorite Christmas episode

Favorite Halloween episode

Favorite Thanksgiving episode

Favorite Valentine’s Day episode

Favorite special opening credits (often used on holiday episodes)

Favorite short intro (10-15 seconds)

Favorite voiceover intro (Castle, Burn Notice, etc.)

Best switched-body performance

Best dual role (Angel/Angelus, Fred/Illyria, etc.)

Best hero on one show, villain on another actor (both shows will get medals)

Best vampire effects/rules (by show)

Best werewolf effects/rules (by show)

Best explosions (by show)

Best car chases (by show)

Best romantic speech (quote beginning in nomination or include episode)

Best into-battle speech (include episode and given by)

Funniest one-liner

Favorite ball/prom/dance/wedding dress

Character who rocked a tux best

Favorite main cast-performed song (excludes all-musical shows)

Most annoying teen character

Favorite animal in a show

Favorite house/apartment

Favorite hang-out location (that isn’t a house or apartment)

Favorite dad/daughter duo

Favorite mother/son duo

Favorite dad/son duo

Favorite mother/daughter duo

Favorite pilot (or planted pilot) character who wasn’t on the rest of the show

If you need clarification about any of these poll categories, please let me know! I’m looking forward to seeing what nominations you all come up with!

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