Psych Season 7 Premiere Date Revealed – TVLine

It’s still a long wait for Psych fans – the seventh season won’t start until February 27 – almost 10 months after the season 6 finale! Think the musical episode will be worth it? Is it killing you to have to wait another 4 1/2 months to know what happened to Henry? (It’s killing me!)

Psych Season 7 Premiere Date Revealed – TVLine.

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One thought on “Psych Season 7 Premiere Date Revealed – TVLine”

  1. I’m kinda bummed at having to wait until February too, but honestly it will be here before we know it. And I have SO MANY TV shows on the schedule right now I really don’t have “room” — so I’m kinda glad that some of my USA favs are on hiatus. At least the season six dvds come out next week! That will be fun to revisit. 🙂

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