If I Had a Time Machine, Maybe I’d Have Time to Blog

You may have noticed a horrendous lack of posts on this blog over the past weeks. The main reason is my new job. Since I’m now working fulltime, I have only about 4 hours every evening to do EVERYTHING. Probably a third or more of those evenings we have people here at my house, or we’re out visiting friends/family (and I’ve turned down a few of those get-togethers). You can see how many TV shows I watch by seeing which ones I’ve blogged about a lot in the past, and sadly, I’ve fallen behind on nearly every single one. The few spare bits of time left I fill with things like laundry, cooking, reading, checking out a few TV news sites (while dodging spoilers), pinning some Doctor Who stuff on Pinterest, and IMing/texting friends. Weekends rarely help, as those tend to be either filled to the brim with friends and activities, or spent in bed trying to get over a cold or catch up on sleep.

It’s not going to get any better, either, as I’ll be working overtime the next three weeks. So my four evening hours will become two. You can see why I need a TARDIS.

Speaking of Doctor Who, my love for the show only continues to grow. Series 7 resumes in just 10 days! My sister Abbi is trying to catch up before then, so I had her over this past weekend and we watched 21 episodes, finishing series 4 and the specials, and watching all of series 5.¬†Unbeknownst¬† to us, our sister Becky was using her time home alone to try out more of the show since she’d enjoyed “Rose,” and she’d started series 2 by the time we picked her up Sunday to see The Hobbit at the dollar theater.

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