Booktalk & More: Once Upon a Time 1.16: “Heart of Darkness”

I love the all caps emotion Ruth puts into her reviews, and this one has a lot! So glad the story is getting back to the “main characters” – and while I think they could have milked the “Snow White not acting like Snow White” thing a bit more, wrapping it all up made for a great episode.

A few of my own thoughts on the episode (spoilers!):

The dwarf intervention was hilarious. But they really need to make all the dwarfs a little more distinctive, not just Grumpy. We also need to see more of them in Storybrooke – I think Sleepy’s the only other one they’ve shown so far. Why hasn’t Doc shown up at the hospital?

I wonder what else went into Rumpelstiltskin’s true love potion – looked like just the hair but that would then happen all the time. And drinking two strands of hair sounds a little gross.

The tape recorder didn’t seem too out of place – I can see a small-town sheriff’s office being behind technology-wise.

So I was wrong – it seems like Kathryn is really dead. Still not sure why Regina would kill her, other than the obvious making of trouble for David and Mary Margaret. She seemed to actually want Kathryn as a friend, despite the whole “being so evil she can’t connect with anyone.” Unless the “something bad for trying to leave town” happened, and Regina just used the opportunity to her advantage. Not that I mind Kathryn being gone!

And I really want more details on why August is in Storybrooke!

Booktalk & More: Once Upon a Time 1.16: “Heart of Darkness”.

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