Bones Returns in 2012 — Season 7 Return Date, April 5

Less than two months before Bones returns! It will replace its spinoff show, The Finder, which will finish its first season in March. Currently, IMDb has 13 episodes listed for The Finder, with the 12th episode airing the last Thursday in March, but they could easily play 2 episodes during one night to make up for it if IMDb’s information is accurate.

The Finder hasn’t been doing so well in the ratings, so I hope it will pick up soon. The fifth episode airs today. Four episodes in, it’s not yet “must watch” TV for me, but it’s quirky and lighthearted. It almost seems a better fit for USA Network than Fox. If I miss watching shows on Thursday, The Finder tends to be the second one I watch online the next day (right after The Big Bang Theory), which indicates I enjoy more than its competition (Person of Interest and The Office). At least House ending will add another slot to Fox’s fall schedule, which may improve The Finder’s chances of being renewed.

Bones Returns in 2012 — Season 7 Return Date, April 5.

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