‘Animal Practice’ Canceled by NBC, Replaced by ‘Whitney’

Animal Practice is the second new fall broadcast show to get bumped off (after Made In Jersey, and midseason comedy Next Caller was canceled before airing a single episode). Given its ratings, this wasn’t a big surprise, but I liked the quirky little show. It was better than the show that followed, Guys With Kids, and far better than its replacement, Whitney.

The one good thing about this move is the pairing of two multi-camera shows. But where does that leave single-camera comedy Community? Sophomore Up All Night has been struggling in the ratings, but a second year show is less likely to get canceled and not air all its episodes. I’m guessing NBC is waiting for tonight’s numbers to make a final decision about the show. What it think is most likely: Up All Night is pulled from the schedule immediately, but the filmed episodes are held in case one of the midseason comedies (1600 Penn, Save Me) flops. Community is brought in as a replacement, either in Up All Night’s 8:30 slot, or back to its original 8:00 slot. Another outcome (less probable): Up All Night is allowed to finish out its 13-episode run, Community is held back for midseason.

‘Animal Practice’ Canceled by NBC, Replaced by ‘Whitney’ – Ratings | TVbytheNumbers.

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2 thoughts on “‘Animal Practice’ Canceled by NBC, Replaced by ‘Whitney’”

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