March Madness: Suits vs. Person of Interest

Suits – On the run from a drug deal gone bad, Mike Ross, a brilliant college-dropout, finds himself a job working with Harvey Specter, one of New York City’s best lawyers.

Person of Interest – A crime thriller about a presumed dead former-CIA agent, Reese, who teams up with a mysterious billionaire, Finch, to prevent violent crimes by using their own brand of vigilante justice.

Two newer shows set in NYC – which will you vote for?

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7 Responses to March Madness: Suits vs. Person of Interest

  1. J.Jacobs says:

    Sorry, but it’s POI. I watched the pilot and the second epi of Suits and found the young man charming, but his shoulders weren’t broad enough to support the show.

    POI is terrific and unbelievable, but a welcome relief after a long week of work, family pressures and everything else.

  2. Frank H. says:

    POI … of course.

  3. David says:

    Got bored with Person of Interest, haven’t seen Suits, but heard that it is good, so going with Suits.

  4. Dale says:

    Person of Interest

  5. deborah saunders says:

    POI of course.

  6. Maxine says:

    POI rocks!

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