March Madness: Leverage vs. Supernatural

Leverage teams up a former insurance investigator with four criminals who have specialized thieving, hacking, fighting, and grifting skills and together they help ordinary citizens by robbing the wealthy criminals, corrupt businessmen, and crooked politicians who ruined their lives.

Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as Dean and Sam Winchester, two brothers who travel the country looking for their missing father and battling evil spirits along the way.

Which show gets your vote? Leave a comment below!

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4 Responses to March Madness: Leverage vs. Supernatural

  1. Ruth says:

    No contest for me here, Leverage all the way! 🙂

  2. Woohoo for Leverage!

  3. Savannah says:

    Leverage! It’s AWESOME!!!!! Parker is my hero!

  4. David says:

    Haven’t seen either, but to be the odd man out I’ll vote Supernatural. :-p

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